9' Broom Attachment for Mantis

Broom Attachment for Mantis Prime Mover

9' Broom broom is now available for the Mantis 4142™


- Tool-less Ratcheting Broom Pattern Adjustment.

- Dual Motor Hydraulic Drive housed inside brush core.

- 35° Right/Left Angle – hydraulic or manual.

- Extra Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel welded broom frame.

- 13 in Diameter Caster Wheels with rotating height adj. casters.

- Broom Head Floats with side to side oscillation.

- Polyethylene Broom Hood supported by the welded frame.

- Free Flow Check Valve to protect the hydraulic circuit.

- Compatible with 20 to 50 gal/min. Hydraulic Circuits.

- Adjustable Parking Stands included.



Plow Width

9 ft
Plow Height 36 in
Plow Angle 35°
Trip Mechanism Trip Edge
Moldboard Thickness 10ga Steel
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