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From: John Schwind
To: Margaret Torres, Mary Andrews
Subject: RE: Brim Tractor - Maverick2 24' w/60" Rotary

Thank you Margaret!

By the way, Brim Tractor wanted me to compliment you on the help you have given them and what a pleasure it is to work with you. I just got off the phone and that was his parting comment!


John Schwind

From: Ken Bernstein
Subject: Customer Service

Ms. Mary Andrews,

My name is Ken Bernstein. I am an Equipment Mechanic for the County of Sacramento in California. I am writing to you today to say thanks for the excellent customer support. Today while I was working in the field on an Alamo A-Boom, I encountered a problem with the hose routing. I contacted Jill in your customer service department. Jill went above and beyond today. I requested a picture of the correct hose routing. The only thing I had was my cell phone. Jill could have easily sent me to your web site or searching for info...but she sent me a text picture. This was perfect. I received the info I needed, re-routed the hoses the correct way and the machine is ready for the operator first thing in the morning. Jokingly I told Jill that I nominated her for employee of the day but decided that a little recognition always helps. So I requested her supervisors info and here we are.

Again this is just a note to you about a happy mechanic who received some great service today. Thank you for your time.

Ken Bernstein

Mowing fleet for the City of Wyndham, Victoria, Australia
Mowing fleet for the City of Wyndham, Victoria, Australia

Happy customers from Monroe County with their new BuzzBar machine.
Happy customers from Monroe County with their new BuzzBar machine.

From: Michael Althoff
To: Mark Hamann, AJ Sjolander, Mary Andrews
Subject: RE: 966 MPMS Alamo source information

Hello Tony,

Just so you are aware; Alamo’s visit last week went very well. As you know, we had a couple snags but overall it was great to have Mark and Terry here.
They really helped us out by sharing their expertise and giving us advice on how to maintain the equipment.
Mark & AJ offered up some source information they have and the email below is a recap/status.
We really appreciate all their efforts.

Michael Althoff
Technical Writing & Training Manager

From: Joel Senior
To: Jill Sandidge
Subject: Re: SO#3049121 PN#00786629

You're awesome… Thank you very much for your help. As usual, you solved my issue quickly and didn't make me call you a dozen times to get it done. Thank you very much.

Joel Senior
Parts Manager
Cisco Equipment

From: John Shortmeyer
To: Ian Burden
Subject: 110 Sand Co. Long Island New York

I was a Caterpillar field tech for 32 years on Long Island, New York, and came here to 110 Sand Co. last year so the mowers are new to me, and I had a lot of questions. Jill was out of the office and Darrel fielded the call. Darrel responded very fast as if I was his customer, and answered my questions about the hydraulic oil. He showed me what site to get info about my very old unit. I couldn’t find it on that site, so the following day when Jill returned, she looked it up from scanned manuals and sent it to me very quickly as if I was her customer with 20 mowers. I’m just saying that as a tech in the field needing knowledge, these 2 team members made me look good. When it is time to upgrade our mowers, I plan on buying from your company. The tech support is the best I have seen.

Thank you,

John Shortmeyer
110 Sand Co.
Long Island, New York

From: Vehicle Maintenance
To: Reynolds Warren
Subject: Alamo Update

Just thought you’d like to know: We’ve put 132 hours on the side arm without replacing a single oring or having any down time other than the hydraulic filter change at 50 hours. You and your team totally rock! Many, many thanks.

Brooks County Road Department

From: James
To: Jill Sandidge
Subject: Re: Rotary Mower

Hi Jill!
Oh WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been the best help EVER!!!!!!! I have been researching for months, almost a year!!!!!! You don't know how much i appreciate this!!!!! You are so AWESOME!!!! Thank You Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Much!!! I will try and let you know if this is it. All credit to you!!!
From: Jill Sandidge
To: James
Subject: RE: Rotary Mower

It is really difficult to tell; however based on the shape of the gearboxes and the decks, my guess would be an old Terrain King 530 series. You can download an archive parts book at this link: If you find parts in here that you need, call an authorized Alamo Industrial parts dealer for pricing & availability.
From: James
To: Jill
Subject: Rotary Mower

This is James from Eunice , Louisiana . I have been trying to findout what kind of rotary mower I have because I am trying to repair it to keep up my pastures. I have been researching and emailing several companies and forums to help findout. Can you please take a look at the following attached photos to see if your company has made this rotary cutter, if you may know who could probably have made it, or give me a direction to go in to help findout where it could have been manufactured.
Thanks very much for your assistance, James

From: Gary
To: Mary Andrews
Subject: Re: Alamo Industrial Technician Visit
Importance: High

Hi Mary!

Thanks for all of your help so far. Alamo has been fantastic with this order and it has been great working with Yourself, Ladonnna, Nathan, Doug, and anyone else behind the scenes. You guys have been excellent!!!!


To: Jill Sandidge

JILL, Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I’ve already downloaded the proper parts manual and checking parts numbers before ordering. Great to know some businesses actually really have "Customer Service".

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From: Jon
To: Darrel Quesada
Subject: Thanks

Thanks a lot for coming thru yesterday. Your help has made this first one go much smoother.
Thanks Again

From: Bruce
To: 'doug baker'; 'Jimmy Garcia’
Cc: 'Jill Sandidge'
Subject: RE: Dewitt County, Pct. 1

Thanks Doug,
This is very kind of you and Alamo, we very much appreciate the help.