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for up to 30 executive decision makers


Jim Green – Trainer
800-882-5762 ext 1556

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The Cutting Edge Safety Program

T.M.O.S.T.  **  Workplace Safety & Personal Responsibility  **  Operator & Technician Service Tips

T.M.O.S.T. (Tractor Mower Operator Safety Training)

Safety.....It's Up To You

If you run mowing equipment, safety is your #1 concern. The responsibility falls on you to make sure your company’s investments are protected. This means protecting your equipment, but more importantly, your people.

The challenge is finding a partner that can bring solutions to the table. You need relevant training on the products your operator’s actually run, all delivered with a lasting impression. The truth is, safety training is necessary. The difference is the partner and program you choose to make it effective.

That partner is Alamo Industrial and your solution is TMOST.

What is TMOST?

  • It is an 8-hour "conversation" on safety which includes both classroom and hands-on training with your actual equipment. Workbooks, DVD’s and PowerPoint presentations make for a diverse delivery approach.

  • It is led by an OSHA Authorized, National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) certified Safety Training/Planning Specialist who has an unusual methodology of making safety training fun and interesting.

  • It is based upon the strict guidelines of the American Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (AEM).

  • It covers ANY and ALL industrial mower and agricultural tractor manufacturers including but not limited to:
    Alamo Industrial Terrain King Tiger M&W Rhino Bush Hog
    John Deere New Holland Woods Land Pride And Many Others  

  • It includes Zero Turn Radium (ZTR) mowers.

  • It is conducted at your location directly with your employees OR with your safety trainer(s).

What are the benefits to my employees?

  • Each participant receives a workbook filled with information covered in the course.

  • Each participant receives Personal Protective Equipment including safety glasses, ear plugs, work gloves and a hard hat.

  • Each participant receives a certificate displaying they have successfully completed all 8 hours of safety-related coursework.

What are the benefits to me and my organization?

  • Pre and Post-Course testing is done on all participants giving you an instant measurement of the course affectivity.

  • Effective training can significantly decrease mower-related incidents translating into higher operating efficiencies. It potentially affects your bottom line results.

  • Most importantly, your proactive decision to train supports your commitment to providing a safe, hazard free work environment for your employees.

Workplace Safety & Personal Responsibility

Enhance your personal growth and improve team effectiveness by attending our 3 hour workshop.

  • 3 hour workshop conducted at your location covers
    • How We Learn and How Teams Work Together
    • Personal Responsibility, Safety and Integrity
    • Individual and Team Motivation and Attitude
    • Role of Effective Communication

  • All Maintenance workers, Equipment operators, Maintenance technicians, Lead workers, Managers and Supervisors will benefit by enhancing their personal growth and improving team effectiveness by attending this workshop.

  • Led by an OSHA Authorized, National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) certified Safety Training/Planning Specialist.


Operator & Technician Service Tips

This one day training is intended to provide you, our end user with valuable troubleshooting techniques on specific Alamo Industrial® equipment in your fleet. The topics are geared to help you reduce the equipment downtime and allows you to learn preemptive problem resolution and parts inventory control. Perfect for the D.O.T. technicians and maintenance departments.

  • 1 day at your site
    • 3 hours of classroom training includes
      • Specific mower operating characteristics
      • Mechanical components (bearings, gearboxes, structures)
      • Electrical components
      • Hydraulic components
      • Normal versus abusive wear
      • Trouble shooting and repair procedures

    • 4 hours of hands-on training includes
      • Equipment walk around
      • Trouble shooting techniques
      • Typical modes of failure
      • Evaluation of wear
      • Routine maintenance

  • You choose the specific Alamo Industrial® product for your training.

  • All students receive a student workbook which includes technical service manuals, diagrams and schematics, and maintenance procedures.

  • Led by an OSHA Authorized trainer with over 20 years of industry experience.


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