C585 Mowing Boat

Aquatic Plant Management Equipment

In situations where there is insufficient water to float or on land, the C585 can move with the help of two 45 cm wide rubber tracks. The machine can drive itself out of the water on slopes up to 35 °.

*Special Order

C585 Tools
- Dredge Pump
- 23” Digging Bucket
- T-Front Cutter, 79” Working Width, 47” Working Depth
- Push Rake, 52” Working Width
- Mowing Bucket
- Side Arm Embankment Cutter
- Single Trailing Knife, 12’ Working Width, 10’ Working Depth
- Double Trailing Knife, 17’ Working Width, 10’ Working Depth


Dimensions 16 ft x 6 ft x 5 ft (excl. pontoons)
Weight (lbs) 7,495 – 11,023 lbs, depending on execution
Engine Hatz 4H50TICD (regulated) Diesel, 75 hp @ 2800 rpm
Fuel Consumption 2.1 - 2.6 gal/hr
Cooling System Water-cooled diesel engine
Propulsion Double 15.75 in hydraulic anti-coiling auger
Steering 2 x 50° steering angle for the auger and two-foot pedals for the tracks
Hydraulic System 1x LS pump 60 cc, 1x pump 8 cc, double closed system 2x 18 cc
Fuel Tank 21 gal
Hydraulic Tank 25 gal with suction and return filter. With integrated oil cooling.
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