Ditcher Boom Mower Cutting Head

Boom Mower Cutting Head

The Heavy Duty Rotary Ditcher head is made for removing excess dirt or unwanted vegetation from roadway ditches, dry waterways, and fire breaks. The hitch-post mounted ditcher head is an available option for all Alamo Industrial® boom mowers.


Availabul fro: A-Boom, Axtreme, Machete™, Machete™ 3, Maverick™, Maverick™ 2, Samurai™, Rear Mount, Versa® Boom


Clearing Width Capable of clearing a ditch 22 in wide
Clearing Depth Capable of clearing a ditch 11 in deep
Blades Three blades, each 3/4 in x 9 in x 5-1/2 in
Dimensions 41 in L x 39 in W x 31 in H
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