SHD Grass Flail Boom Mower Cutting Head

Boom Mower Cutting Head

The Super Heavy Duty Flail is made from the proven, time-tested design of the Mott® Flail, offering you a manicured look and substantial safety. It’s the ideal machine not only for roadside use, but for parks, playgrounds, school grounds, and even golf courses! If you’re looking for Heavy Duty results, look for the Super Heavy Duty Flail!


Cutting Capacity 1 in diameter
Blades Equipped with
48 in Model: 28 pairs of knives
60 in Model: 36 pairs of knives
Weight 48 in Model: 850 lbs.
60 in Model: 950 lbs.
Dimensions 48 in Model: 57 in W x 37 in D x 35 in H
60 in Model: 68 in W x 37 in D x 35 in H
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