Remote Controlled Slope Mower, for Industrial and Governmental Mowing

The TRAXX™ RC28 is a purpose-built rotary-type remote controlled industrial mower for cutting grass and light brush in areas not accessible to conventional mowing equipment or not safe for operators. The lightweight design with a low center of gravity provides stability in all-terrain and minimizes the surface disturbance.


Engine 28 hp
Working range 500 ft
Weight 1058 lbs.
Overall Length 59 in
Overall Width 59 in
Overall Height 30-36 in
Mower Deck
Cutting Width 43 in.
Pre-set cut heights 1.2 – 7.1 in.
Blade-tip speed variable up to 205 mph
Rubber Optional ~ max working angle 55°
Axle to axle length 39.4 in.
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